From Narcy B.

July 22, 2021

As an owner of an estate, I was looking all over for the best furniture for my patio. Over the years I had renovated everything except my patio and it was about time that I finally gave it a new look. I needed furniture that fit my taste and was not very expensive. I searched high and low but my search bore no fruit. On a casual day, I was standing on the street taking out the trash when my neighbor Lisa waved hello. She invited me to her house and suggested that we have a cup of Joe on her Patio.

When I entered her patio I was gobsmacked, as her patio furniture looked amazing. From the patio umbrella to the sofa, everything looked wonderful. I couldn’t resist but asked Lisa where she got her furniture from. She told me it was from Bluu Patio. This was the first time I had heard about Bluu Patio and immediately went home to check their website.

I swiped through the website and instantly fell in love with the furniture they had to offer. I looked through the umbrellas first and set my eyes on their Fringed Maple patio umbrella. It looked very elegant in the picture and when I read through the description it looked like a reasonable buy for $110. The next thing on my list was to get an outdoor sofa and decided on this loveseat with a white metal frame. To give a complete look to my patio I added another loveseat to my cart. The last thing on my list was an outdoor coffee table, I found one on their site and it seemed like the perfect fit.

I was very excited but skeptical as this was my very first time ordering furniture from an online company. I patiently waited for my order to be delivered. I was told that my order would be delivered within 5-14. On the 5th day of my purchase, I was surprised to see the UPS van outside my door. My furniture had arrived. It was all neatly packed. The only problem I had with the packaging was that it was too difficult to open it. Once I successfully got all the items out the assembly of the furniture was rather simple.

When the furniture was assembled it looked amazing.  Upon close inspection of the umbrella, I realized the stitching seemed uneven but the fabric is thick which is probably why the stitching is uneven. The width of the umbrella is the perfect size if you want to keep a sofa under it. I am very impressed with the waterproofing quality as it makes it a perfect canopy to sit outdoors when it rains.

The aluminum pole looks sturdy and I think it can hold up for a long period of time. However, the tilt button was difficult to push and I had to exert a lot of force to push it. My bet is that it is a new patio umbrella which is why it could use some getting used to. I think that as their website says it will be best to add any weight to the bottom to ensure that the umbrella remains rooted. I have put a potter on the bottom as it looks aesthetically pleasing and does the job.

Next are the sofas and the coffee table that I ordered. Both of them are made with a white metal frame. They go well with each other and add an aesthetically pleasing seating arrangement to my patio. The padded cushions featured on the website look very flush but mine felt lumpy so I contacted Bluu Patio’s customer service and asked them if they could change it. They immediately agreed and sent me a replacement within the week which was appreciable. All in all, I am pretty satisfied with their services as the quality is surely worth the price I paid. After searching for many moons I was finally able to find a company that not only delivered good quality products but also offered prices that were reasonable. It was interesting to see how cooperative their customer services are as they adhered to my exchange requests without making it much of a hassle. My vote definitely goes out to Bluu Patio as they are surely a company worth ordering from. There are some concerns that I am sure can be addressed by the company if you point them out to them.  

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