It’s beach season! While you can’t wait to bask in the sun at a socially distanced beach somewhere or enjoy the serenity and calm of your patio with a comfortable outdoor furniture, a great book nearby makes the experience worthwhile.

You need to escape reality once in a while, immerse yourself into the story and life of a character or group of characters, and share your experiences (not forgetting venting your annoyance) to your friends over a ZOOM call.

For a fact, there are thousands of books out there waiting to be read. Trying to decide which books to pore over can be a herculean task. But we’ve got you covered.

We’ve specially curated some of the best books you can read in summer while stretching out under a shade. Check them out.

1. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Crazy Rich Asians by renowned author, Kevin Kwan, follows the lives of five main characters: Rachael Chu, Nick Young, Eleanor Young, Astrid Leong, and Edison Cheng, and it is told from their perspectives.

While the novel’s central plot focuses on the luxurious wedding of Colin Khoo—Singapore’s most eligible bachelor—the story veers off slightly to focus on each of the characters above.

The theme shifts from love, hatred, betrayal, acceptance, sacrifice, and so much more. It’s no surprise that it was adapted into a movie due to the reception the book made. Following the success of this book, Author Kevin Kwan quickly followed it up with China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems.

2. The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris

Another book that makes a fun read is the debut novel from Zakiya Dalila Harris: The Other Black Girl. The book follows Nella, an entry-level employee at a publishing house located in New York City.

Noticeably, she’s the only black person working in the firm, scuttling through menial assignments and tasks and the minor hostilities that come with it. But just as everything begins to move smoothly for her, the publishing house recruits another black staff, Hazel, who becomes a great work buddy. Or so Nella thinks.

When a series of events begin to transpire in the office, Nella begins to question whether the other black girl—Hazel—is an ally as she had initially thought. This book is an easygoing read that will make your midday blues exciting.

3.The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak by Brian Katcher

This fresh, comical take on the Young Adult contemporary romance book mainly focuses on the perspectives of the two main characters: Ana Watson and Zak Duquette.

The story properly kicks off when Clayton—Ana’s little brother—abandons the quiz semifinals to visit the Washingcon sci-fi convention while on a school trip. All accusing fingers point to Zak, who had hyped up the geek convention before the boy’s disappearance, so much to get Clayton interested to flunk their school laws.

Now, Anna must team up with Zak to track down Clayton in a sea of costumed zombies, orcs, Smurfs, and whatnot. It’s a rollercoaster of overlapping events that constantly threatens the resolve of the characters.

How does the story end? You find out when you grab a copy of the book!

4. Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Malibu Rising is a great book that follows four famous siblings who throw an unforgettable party to mark the end of summer. These siblings: Supermodel and impressive surfer Nina, Championship surfer Jay, Renowned photographer Hud, and Kit, their baby sister.

Over 24 hours, everything changes, with surprising twists and turns as the plot unfolds. But just before it tilts towards mayhem, we catch a glimpse of what summer is all about: loud music, booze, bonding, and everything in between.

Malibu Rising is a fun book that will get you going on a warm, breezy day while relishing under a great shade.

5. It Had to Be You by Georgia Clark

Lastly, our final offering is It Had to Be You by seasoned author Georgia Clark. It chronicles Liv, who is placed in charge of her husband’s wedding planning business after his death.

Liv soon discovers that her husband left half of the business to his young, vibrant mistress Savannah to run as well. Anyone in Liv’s shoes will be less enthusiastic about working with Savannah, but the women soon build an unlikely cordial relationship that will surprise you.

You only get to find out when you get a copy of the book.

Immerse yourself into the worlds of these books while you lounge comfortably with a stylish umbrella providing sufficient shade.  

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