Children are naturally playful, especially when they’re outside! But at this time, it’s a little difficult for them to go and play outdoors as there is still a pandemic ongoing and their safety comes first. But, we’ve come up with fun activities for them to enjoy even just in your own backyard. Remember, bring your best patio umbrella outside for extra protection from sunburn.

Your patio umbrellas do not just provide shade when you come to relax or do something outside, they can also serve as a means of protection for your children against sunburn! Here are some fun outdoor activities for kids and how your patio umbrellas would protect them from the Sun and give them shade when it is time to rest.

Squirt Gun Painting
Grab a canvas, place it outside under your patio umbrella, set it up, and load your squirt gun with color! Kids love to paint what they see most of the time, and they always do painting with traditional brushes and other materials, but they would also love a squirt gun to use as their medium for painting! Remember to place the canvas under your summer umbrella to provide shade for your child and the nice view of the environment around him at the same time. Sounds fun, isn’t it?

Mud Kitchen

Who loves making mud pies, mud cookies, mud cakes, and such? We all do! Initiating a mud kitchen is already a tradition for us kids and is passed down generation by generation, it seems like your childhood isn’t complete without participating in a mud kitchen even just once in your childhood years. Now, you should try it with your kids by taking the old pots, pans, and dishes to set up your cool mud kitchen under your patio umbrella. Your kids can enjoy gathering all their mud ingredients for their luscious mud food without worrying about them getting a sunburn.

Sidewalk Chalk Paint
As a child, we all loved making art in almost every kind of medium that we see… and sidewalks are a part of it! Let your kids make art on sidewalks using chalk and watch them make cool drawings and paintings of what they usually see around them. Of course, put them under your patio umbrella to prevent them from the heat and minimize them from sweating due to the warm weather of the summer.

Sponge Water Bombs

Take out the old sponges and engage in an exciting way to cool off in this summer heat — sponge water bombs! Not only that you and your kids can have fun, but you can cool yourself from the summer heat too. After your fun and awesome water fight with the kids, relax under your patio umbrella to provide rest from your tiring outdoor activity.


These activities aren’t as hard to do as you’ve imagined, right? Now go ahead and encourage the kids to go outside and indulge themselves into fun outdoor activities without the worry of getting sunburnt! Thanks to Bluu’s quality patio umbrellas made in the U.S.A., and specially designed for activities such as these. For more info on Bluu’s patio umbrellas, click here. Don’t forget to also visit the Bluu website for more amazing furniture designed for your outdoor activity needs.

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